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LoadNibNamedOwner Method (aNibName, owner)
NamespacesMonobjc.FoundationNSBundleLoadNibNamedOwner(NSString, Id)

Unarchives the contents of the nib file and links them to a specific owner object.

Original signature is '+ (BOOL)loadNibNamed:(NSString *)aNibName owner:(id)owner'

Available in Mac OS X v10.0 and later.

Declaration Syntax
C#Visual BasicVisual C++
public static bool LoadNibNamedOwner(
	NSString aNibName,
	Id owner
Public Shared Function LoadNibNamedOwner ( _
	aNibName As NSString, _
	owner As Id _
) As Boolean
static bool LoadNibNamedOwner(
	NSString^ aNibName, 
	Id^ owner
aNibName (NSString)
The name of the nib file, which need not include the .nib extension. The file name should not include path information. The object in the owner parameter determines the location in which to look for the nib file.
owner (Id)
Return Value
YES if the nib file was loaded successfully; otherwise, NO.
Version Information
  • Available in Monobjc Bridge: 10.6 (For Mac OS X 10.6 and later), 10.5 (For Mac OS X 10.5 and later)

Assembly: Monobjc.Foundation (Module: Monobjc.Foundation)