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AddToolTipRectOwnerUserData Method (aRect, anObject, userData)
NamespacesMonobjc.AppKitNSViewAddToolTipRectOwnerUserData(NSRect, Id, IntPtr)

Creates a tool tip for a defined area the receiver and returns a tag that identifies the tool tip rectangle.

Original signature is '- (NSToolTipTag)addToolTipRect:(NSRect)aRect owner:(id)anObject userData:(void *)userData'

Available in Mac OS X v10.0 and later.

Declaration Syntax
C#Visual BasicVisual C++
public virtual NSInteger AddToolTipRectOwnerUserData(
	NSRect aRect,
	Id anObject,
	IntPtr userData
Public Overridable Function AddToolTipRectOwnerUserData ( _
	aRect As NSRect, _
	anObject As Id, _
	userData As IntPtr _
) As NSInteger
virtual NSInteger AddToolTipRectOwnerUserData(
	NSRect aRect, 
	Id^ anObject, 
	IntPtr userData
aRect (NSRect)
A rectangle defining the region of the receiver to associate the tool tip with.
anObject (Id)
An object from which to obtain the tool tip string. The object should either implement view:stringForToolTip:point:userData:, or return a suitable string from its description method. (It can therefore simply be an NSString object.)
userData (IntPtr)
Any additional information you want to pass to view:stringForToolTip:point:userData:; it is not used if anObject does not implement this method.
Return Value
An integer tag identifying the tool tip; you can use this tag to remove the tool tip.
Version Information
  • Available in Monobjc Bridge: 10.6 (For Mac OS X 10.6 and later), 10.5 (For Mac OS X 10.5 and later)

Assembly: Monobjc.AppKit (Module: Monobjc.AppKit)