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NSColorPicker Constructor (mask, owningColorPanel)
NamespacesMonobjc.AppKitNSColorPickerNSColorPicker(NSUInteger, NSColorPanel)

Initializes the color picker with the specified color panel and color picker mode mask.

Original signature is '- (id)initWithPickerMask:(NSUInteger)mask colorPanel:(NSColorPanel *)owningColorPanel'

Available in Mac OS X v10.0 and later.

Declaration Syntax
C#Visual BasicVisual C++
public NSColorPicker(
	NSUInteger mask,
	NSColorPanel owningColorPanel
Public Sub New ( _
	mask As NSUInteger, _
	owningColorPanel As NSColorPanel _
	NSUInteger mask, 
	NSColorPanel^ owningColorPanel
mask (NSUInteger)
The color picker mask.
owningColorPanel (NSColorPanel)
The NSColorPanel that owns the color picker. This value is cached so it can be returned later by the colorPanel method.
Return Value
An initialized color picker object.
Version Information
  • Available in Monobjc Bridge: 10.6 (For Mac OS X 10.6 and later), 10.5 (For Mac OS X 10.5 and later)

Assembly: Monobjc.AppKit (Module: Monobjc.AppKit)