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AlertShowHelp Method (alert)

Sent to the delegate when the user clicks the alert’s help button. The delegate causes help to be displayed for an alert, directly or indirectly.

Original signature is '- (BOOL)alertShowHelp:(NSAlert *)alert'

Available in Mac OS X v10.3 and later.

Declaration Syntax
C#Visual BasicVisual C++
bool AlertShowHelp(
	NSAlert alert
Function AlertShowHelp ( _
	alert As NSAlert _
) As Boolean
bool AlertShowHelp(
	NSAlert^ alert
alert (NSAlert)
Return Value
YES when the delegate displayed help directly, NO otherwise. When NO and the alert has a help anchor (setHelpAnchor:), the application’s help manager displays help using the help anchor.
Version Information
  • Available in Monobjc Bridge: 10.6 (For Mac OS X 10.6 and later), 10.5 (For Mac OS X 10.5 and later)

Assembly: Monobjc.AppKit (Module: Monobjc.AppKit)