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InsertValueWithLabelAtIndex Method (value, label, index)
NamespacesMonobjc.AddressBookABMutableMultiValueInsertValueWithLabelAtIndex(Id, NSString, NSUInteger)

Inserts a value and its label at the given index in a multivalue list.

Original signature is '- (NSString *)insertValue:(id)value withLabel:(NSString *)label atIndex:(NSUInteger)index'

Available in Mac OS X v10.2 and later.

Declaration Syntax
C#Visual BasicVisual C++
public virtual NSString InsertValueWithLabelAtIndex(
	Id value,
	NSString label,
	NSUInteger index
Public Overridable Function InsertValueWithLabelAtIndex ( _
	value As Id, _
	label As NSString, _
	index As NSUInteger _
) As NSString
virtual NSString^ InsertValueWithLabelAtIndex(
	Id^ value, 
	NSString^ label, 
	NSUInteger index
value (Id)
The value to add.
label (NSString)
The label to associate with the value.
index (NSUInteger)
The index where the value will be inserted.
Return Value
The identifier of the inserted value and label if they are added successfully; otherwise, nil.
Version Information
  • Available in Monobjc Bridge: 10.6 (For Mac OS X 10.6 and later), 10.5 (For Mac OS X 10.5 and later)

Assembly: Monobjc.AddressBook (Module: Monobjc.AddressBook)